The unconditional love of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, for brethren with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their parents was felt in his message, which keynoted the Conference on Autism 2019, a collaborative project of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) and the New Era University Special Education Department, held at New Era University Hall on March 30, 2019. In his message, the Executive Minister mentioned that it is not the Church’s purpose to claim the roles of experts on ASD; however, it is important to have a full and correct understanding of this condition for everyone’s benefit. In line with this, he encouraged all to do the following:

1. Help in giving reliable information to assist parents in making the right decisions that are well-grounded for the sake of their child who has ASD, such as the know-how of its early diagnosis, rights and benefits of their child, and additional responsibilities of parents required by law, if there are any, as well as knowing the institutions and professionals to be consulted,

2. Launch activities appropriate for brethren with ASD wherein they could hone their special skills and talents, develop their personal well-being, and all the more feel the love of the brotherhood in the Church.

3. Take part in learning about ASD to have an understanding of this to be able to help and properly deal with persons with ASD, as well as with their parents.

In relation, this question-and-answer type of book is inspired by the message and instruction of the Executive Minister for all to understand ASD, and learn how to deal with individuals who have ASD and their parents.