The Certificate Program for Sign Language Interpreters (CPSLI) under the Center for Languages of the New Era University was established in December 2017.

Its philosophy is to produce God-fearing Sign Language Interpreters for His mission. Its vision is a world-class Certificate Program for Sign Language Interpreters with a unique Christian culture of discipline, excellence, and service to humanity. The program’s mission is to provide quality education for Sign Language interpreters anchored on Christian values with the prime purpose of bringing honor and glory to God.

The CPSLI’s goals and objectives are: to provide certification in Sign Language interpretation, to create more leaders in interpreting instruction for the expansion of this program worldwide, to help our university to the stature of being the center of excellence in catering to the persons with special needs, especially Deaf persons, lastly, to produce Sign Language interpreters that are highly skilled in various ways in interpreting for Deaf persons.